Castle Bootlegs (And All The Other Sad Things)

by Simon Deer

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The intention with this release is to share the songs that I wrote and recorded during my stay at Engelsholm Castle and during the time that I lived in Aarhus.

These songs didn't make it to the "Simon Deer"-album (2011) or the Cannon Beach-album (2012) with the exception of "The Worm And The Wolf" sketch.


released June 11, 2013

Thanks to the school of Engelsholm and Ingvild Skjeldahl Waage for the cover photo.



all rights reserved


Simon Deer Copenhagen, Denmark

The song flows in a river of melodic noise

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Track Name: Would I
would I get younger than my children
if I did'nt stand on this earth
that is soaked with beaming poison
seething liquid spring

would I get older than my parents
if I traveled to the sun
to Mercury's own surface
to get strung out in the rays?

would I be content when I stand there
engaged with the sun until it dies still married
to the earth until it ends?

I've considered how it would be
to live 'till there is no time, my love still holds me grounded
to the ones I fall in love with
Track Name: Hazey Jane and the Pass or Something Similar
sitting in the garden, it's eight a.m.
wet grass and holy stars in my head
you're high on something mild,
I'm waiting while your head it stops spinning
I'm terribly hungry
both for some bread and for your smile

the night it was a red one with Hazey Jane
she told me to be ready for your vitality
your blood it energized, that's no surprise
you made a pass or something similar
I confused my words, the look in your eyes

we're going home now, we shake our hands
your car is just a long way from where I'm at
we say the goodbyes but damnit your eyes
are shifty with a something
your blood is still pumping
come again, come again
Track Name: The Worm And The Wolf (Sketch)
I lit a spark, a little spark in my city made of wood
now it's nice to see, it's nice to see it's glowing red, white and blue
I didn't know that Trondheim was so dry and arid inside

it's time to shift, it's time to shift my shape and all of my clothes
and stop the train that goes right in the mayhem flames of the street
I'll load it up with both of my kids, the worm and the wolf
Track Name: Been Smoking Too Long (Robin Frederick)
well I wake up in the morning
look at my clock
it's way past noon time
now I'm late for work.

tell me, tell me
what have I done wrong?
ain't nothing go right with me
must be I've been smoking too long.

well I go to find me some breakfast
but I ain't got no food
take me a shower
but the water don't feel no good.

Tell me...

i've got opium in my chimney
no other life to choose
nightmare made of hash dreams.
got the devil in my shoes

tell me...

well when I'm smoking
put my worries on a shelf
don't think about nothin'
try not to see myself.

tell me...

well in this blues I'm singing
there's a lesson to be learned
don't go around smoking
unless you want to get burned
Track Name: When The Sand Hits
I'm growing beneath your waters
I'm standing, I stand so tall
without a care and much to say

your feathers fall like snow
when the grey haze comes to black
I'll be deep in the shit you see

the crossroad you will find
is vaguer than the palest black
you'll be sound and I'll be bound

see you there when the sand hits
Track Name: To Fade The Louder You Yell
come gather around friend and I'll tell you a story
of a weird new world that is coming along
it's pouring outside but your heads are all dry
for there's nothing out there to hold you

the songs are all sung and a path is all gone
the hazy restless soul is guiding itself
and by that we all feel our very own best
for the game starts just as you left it
Track Name: Moonshiner (Trad.)
I've been a moonshiner,
for seventeen long years,
I've spent all my money,
on whiskey and beer,
I go to some hollow,
and sit at my still
and if whiskey don't kill me,
then I don't know what will,

I go to some bar room,
and drink with my friends,
where the women can't follow,
and see what I spend,
God bless them pretty women,
I wish they was mine,
their breath is as sweet as,
the dew on the vine,

Let me eat when I am hungry,
Let me drink when I am dry,
A dollar when I am hard up,
Religion when I die,
The whole world's a bottle,
And life's but a dram,
When the bottle gets empty,
It sure ain't worth a damn.
Track Name: St. Louis Sunday
I'm staring in the dorm with fourteen empty beds
I'm beginning to feel to think this town is empty as well
It's only the streets, the cops, the stores, the lighting of the lamps
I was not aware that St. Louis sundays was so bad
Track Name: I'm Not A Poet
I'm not a poet
don't you dare think that I'm a poet
that I'm not but you are the one
with some other words that aren't mine

I'm not a singer
don't you dare think that I'm a singer
that I'm not, but you are the one
with some other voice that isn't mine

I'm not a talker
don't you dare think that I'm a talker
that I'm not but you are the one
with some other mind that isn't mine
Track Name: 20.000 Gravity-Fused Suns
metamind flows faster late at night
holds me down as it pours with the light
of 20.000 gravity-fused suns
Track Name: Hadet Til Fjender Og Alt Slags Blod (eller Utøya)
hadet til fjender og alt slags blod
findes i grunden i trængslernes nat
du gætter kun hvad det egentlig kan
men det du har set bærer ingen forstand

en hård regn der flød i al den nød
blodet det skimtes i vandets skær
freden blev lagt på knivens grå spids
ved kuglernes fart står ingen parat

håbet at tro at verden vil få
en ungdom igen, et saligheds råb
ses styrtet i grunden i evigt års gråd
og grunden blev lagt til hævnens foragt
Track Name: Dining Hall (Sketch)
he walks there on the grass
trotten by a black horse
it still runs far ahead fast
panting hoarse with a bleeding throat
its eyes are dim fatigued with a whim