by Simon Deer

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released August 21, 2014




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Simon Deer Copenhagen, Denmark

The song flows in a river of melodic noise

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Track Name: I Belong
I belong in the wet night city
it's where the bawling mad
can get the all kinds attention
that they want and I give it

I belong in the late priests home
a place to be
where there's hardly any
attention at all no one gives it

and I belong in the fifties
when I could be cured
for a condition there
in the modern book
I could ditch cures

and I belong in the tenth decade
now I can be as whom
be fucked around
by bitches and clean the planet
Track Name: Mint Air
all that I wanted comes in colors
bent out of shape for a day
I'd make no contribution to the big pile
of ancient magnificent data

I'd be supertramp in the morning
my lungs filled with clean mint air
watch forecast sharp eclipse
in the sunrise from the ground
light my vehicle red
on the plain
Track Name: He Buys The City
the boy danced his long-legged dance for me, yeah
and I never thought I'd sing like this now
he's Rimbaud, he walks the paths by the port
of Copenhagen, the life for me now

we ride and we ride time and again
the green automobile fast by the lakes
we ride and we ride time and again
the green automobile deep through the sea

I waste time, the tambourines are ablaze
the deadlines they pass me faster than light
he holds fast like me, he buys the city
of Copenhagen, the saintly commune

we ride and we ride time and again
the green automobile fast by the lakes
we ride and we ride time and again
the green automobile deep through the sea
Track Name: Breath
the storm cracks open and locusts fly
down to the plains, they strip the fertile land
you watch the thing and ask "is it your fault or mine?"
you shake, your hands are cold

I liked the cold water, I cared for darkened air
now I stayed here much too long and the forrest is turning bad
I think you had some time that I didn't know you had
and it's shortening my breath

but I can't go away, you're too kind to leave
nature is a language, it's plain enough to read
made it all that much vaguer in my head
now you round it up for me
Track Name: Joy
Joy said she couldn't find the founded situation for her
by her family and almost everyone in America
a bisexual, a lost hostel visitor trickered her plutonic love

she never had the need to stay or adapt to anyone
climbing the stairs forty years old like an old woman
she's wearing herself down and she knows it
she would rather choke in the smoke from a christmasfamilys chimny
Track Name: Boardwalks
I live in the halls of a white old home
I'm numb like a stone
I play my racket and then I fall asleep again

I save my ragged skin to the point where I sleep
under the boardwalks
I'm content down here and I hope that you stay
in a way where you stay in love

under the boardwalks